Big Island of Hawaii Helicopter Tours

By September 11, 2011Hawaii Activites

Imagine a tour that can provide you with an aerial view of the glorious Big Island of Hawaii. One that will allow you to hover beside a cascading waterfall, suspend you over the active Kilauea Volcano, gently drift in and around mystical valleys, and take you through a journey of the majestic mountains of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai and Kohala. There is nothing that can compare to the scenic experience of a helicopter tour. It is the only way to immerse yourself in the full beauty of the island. The breath taking sights will completely consume you creating lifelong memories that will instill in you the essence of Hawai’i.

From short, budget tours that take you to the volcano to private valley landing tours, the Big Island of Hawaii has a tour for everyone. Helicopter tours are one of the most popular adventures on the Big Island and fill up quickly.

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