Pololu Valley

By September 5, 2009Sites to See

Pololu Valley is my favorite of all the valleys on the north coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.  As you reach the outlook you will see a beautiful black sand beach down below and a stretch of dense tropical sea cliffs.  Although you can get some great pictures from the outlook, I would recommend hiking down into the valley to get the full experience.

There is a rocky trail that winds down the side of one of the cliffs that takes about 15 minutes to get down into the valley.  Taking a couple of bottles of water would not be a bad idea.  While walking down the trail you will come across a couple of spots that some of the most beautiful pictures of Pololu Valley are taken at.

Once you reach Pololu Valley, there is a beautiful black sand beach and a stream that runs back into the valley.  The left side of the beach is really sandy as far out as you can go, but the right side is rocky.  Pololu Valley is a great surf spot so typically you will see a lot of surfers.

After you spend time on the beach adventure out into the valley.  You will find several trails that travel through the lush landscaping and back into the valley.  You can get some amazing pictures of the valley along these trails.  Throughout the trails you will see lots of wildlife, man made swings, and much more.

Make sure to wait until later in the afternoon or when the clouds to come out to treck your way out of the valley.  The hike out is much tougher than the hike in.