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What Makes Hawaiian Beaches So Great?

By | About Hawaii, Beaches

Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort offers Waikoloa vacation rentals where visitors have close access to some of Hawaii’s most stunning beaches. Hawaii is world-renowned for its beaches and there is good reason for that. Hawaii is home to the most wonderful assortment of different kinds of beaches than any other…

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Why are Swimming Pools Better in Hawaii?

By | About Hawaii

Waikoloa vacation rentals boast some of the most impressive swimming pools anywhere in the country. But how can this be so? Isn’t Hawaii known for its pristine beaches? That’s true, it is, but it’s also quite common to see visitors at Kolea Vacation Rentals lounging about in pools located within…

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Famous Hawaiian Foods

By | About Hawaii, Food

Those looking at vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa might be interested in attending a traditional Hawaiian luau. Indeed, when people think of Hawaiian food, often the first image to pop into their minds is a pig on a spit. While pigs on spits are indeed quite Hawaiian, there’s more…

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Famous TV Shows in Hawaii: Baywatch

By | About Hawaii, Culture

Those looking at vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa may know that there are plenty of T.V. shows that have been filmed in Hawaii over the years. One of those shows was Baywatch. Baywatch existed in two separate incarnations: Los Angeles and Hawaii.  The original show, set in Los Angeles, ran…

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The History of the Ukulele

By | About Hawaii, Music

Ukuleles are making a comeback recently. With the resurgence of Americana-style folk and alt-country music, newer bands are taking a keen interest in some of the traditional musical instruments associated with the genre. Alongside banjos and fiddles, ukuleles are one of the most popular featured instruments. While those who are…

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How The Hawaiian Islands Were Formed

By | About Hawaii, History

Those who are looking for vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa might also be interested in knowing about some of the natural history of the islands. Hawaii, like a number of island chains, was created by volcanoes below the surface of the ocean. The earth’s crust can be described by…

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