More Changes Possibly Coming to the Vacation Rental Industry

The State of California is currently pushing legislation through and many believe that the State of Hawaii may be the next state to follow.  The legislation states that all fees must be included in the display rate excluding the taxes.  So fees such as cleaning fees or administrative fees must be included  as well.

While it will allow guests to easily compare the prices of vacation rentals when searching, many do not understand why the same legislation is not being applied to the hotel industry.  While they do not have the same additional fees, many hotels, have a parking fee as well as a resort fee.  It is a standard marketing ploy to get the consumer to interested in the property thinking it is a lower rate only to find out once they have decided on it that it costs more.  Hotels are famous for offering low nightly rates to get people there only to get hit with a number of additional fees.

In Hawaii, legislation is getting brought forth annually in an attempt to clean up the vacation rental industry.  Many of the bills address many legitimate issues in the Hawaii vacation rental industry, but if a bill such as this got brought forth it would not help the Hawaii vacation rental industry unless it was also applied to the hotel industry.  It would just give the hotel industry another advantage over the vacation rental industry.