Famous TV Shows in Hawaii: Hawaii Five-O

By November 27, 2018About Hawaii, Culture


Anyone checking out vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa likely knows that the hit T.V. show, Hawaii Five-O is set in Hawaii; after all, it’s right there in the name. What you may not know is that it is also filmed right here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The T.V. show began in 1968 and managed to last all the way to 1980 before disbanding. But in 2010, a reboot premiered featuring the same characters but with updated themes. The reboot is looking to overtake the original for running time. It still remains on the air after nine seasons.

Many of the T.V. show’s settings are readily accessible to tourists. A full list of these can be found here.

Why Has the Reboot Been So Successful?

Films and T.V. shows set in Hawaii have enjoyed amazing success throughout the years. The new Hawaii Five-O is an homage to its predecessor, which was also remarkably successful. The procedural cop drama features Hawaii as its main character. Indeed, the character of Hawaii and the particular law enforcement needs it faces figure prominently into the themes of Hawaii Five-O. The show has become a walking advertisement for the iconic beauty of the islands, their culture, and their attractions.

Fans of the show may not be aware that the desire for a rebooted series arrived much earlier than 2010. In 1996, a pilot was filmed for a revamped series, but it never aired. The pilot featured Gary Busey and Russell Wong as a new team of Hawaiian officers. It was much more a departure from the original series than the modern remake that debuted in 2010. Perhaps that is why it was never given a spot on T.V.

Hawaii Has Benefited From the Reboot

The Hawaii vacation economy has benefited tremendously from the numerous shows that were shot on the island. Hawaii Five-O is no exception. While a T.V. show can’t thrive on a setting alone, Hawaii Five-O manages to bring out the unique character of the island and make it come to life with loveable and compelling characters.

It’s impossible to tell just how much Hawaiian tourism has benefited from the T.V. show (or any T.V. show), but it helps keep the promise of Hawaii’s beauty present in the minds of millions of Americans each year. As has been the case for Hawaii Five-O, T.V. tourism has become a major attraction for many vacationers in Hawaii.

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