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Where to Vacation in Hawaii

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Choosing the spot There is no such thing as a wrong choice when deciding which Hawaiian island to visit on your vacation. They are all breath-taking and beautiful with heavenly scenery and white beaches. Every one exudes a gentle “aloha” spirit, and although there is no best island among them,…

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How Much is a vacation to Hawaii?

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Hawaii Hawaii is blessed with the most stunning beaches, abundant natural beauty, and breath-taking surfing scenery. The food is out of this world and the people are very hospitable. The only downside is that a trip to the beautiful islands can be very expensive. If you’re planning to visit Hawaii…

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Waikoloa Airport

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Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keāhole is a major Waikoloa airport located at Keāhole. This airport serves those traveling to Hawaii to visit Waikoloa beach, other parts of Hawaii or traveling to Kailua-Kona. It is run by the Hawaii Department of Transportation and is a hub for Mokulele Airlines….

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How Close to Kolea is Waikoloa Beach?

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The Hawaiian Tourism Authority reports that almost 10 million people visit the wonderful islands of Hawaii annually, with Big Island being among the most popular tourist destinations. Being the youngest and biggest island on the archipelago, it provides numerous activities for visitors to experience the abundance of unique natural wonders….

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Kolea Golden Plover

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Pacific Golden Plovers are medium-sized plovers that look similar to the American Golden Plovers. The two types of birds were actually regarded as one species until the early nineties. Though they look similar, they have some differences: the American Golden Plover normally flies to South America whereas the Kolea Golden…

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Get to Know the Kolea Bird

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Part of the attraction and charm of visiting the Big Island of Hawaii is learning about local wildlife and customs. During your stay, you are likely to hear numerous references to the kolea. A slight, small bird that frequents Hawaii over the winter months, it is the namesake for our…

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