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Kona Village Resort

May 26th, 2009

Many people ask me “Where do people that live in Hawaii go on vacation?”.  My typical response is “I go back to Texas”.  That is where I am originally from and there is not much to do there except relax, but that is a long way from Hawaii so I do not get to make it there except maybe once a year.  Due to that, my vacation spot in Hawaii is Kona Village Resort.  There is a lot I like about Kona Village and the main factor for us going there is that it is the only resort on the Big Island that I do not spend a lot of my work days at.

We just recently spent our third weekend at Kona Village Resort and had a great time.  Since it was slow, they upgraded us to one of their best hales (homes) there.  This is a normal practice of theirs.  Kona Village is due for some upgrades on the hales and we were pleasantly surprised that this hales’ bathroom had been fully upgraded.  On our lanai we also had a hot tub, which was a nice.  Every hale we have stayed at has offered a unique setting and this one we enjoyed the most.

In case you are not familiar with Kona Village Resort, it is one of the most unique spots on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The resort is filled with huts versus a hotel setting.  Each hut is very old fashioned.  You will not find a television, a/c, clock, phone or anything of that nature in the huts.  Conversing with the front desk is done by leaving notes under a coconut in front of the front door.  They ask that you do not use your cell phones outside of your hale, which does give a lot of peace to the area.

Kona Village is located on a really nice beach and is adjacent to Four Seasons Hualalai.  Kona Village is the only all inclusive resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The only item not included is your beverages.  At the beach they offer kayaks, surf boards, snorkeling gear, and much more at no cost to the guests.  On our prior visits we spent a lot of time at this beach.  This stay we had a very private beach just in front of our hale, which we could not pass up.  It was a small cove area with a hammock and chairs.  On three occasions sea turtles came just steps from us to rest in the sun.

We opened our stay with the lunch buffet, which was amazing as always.  That evening we wanted to try the restaurant we had not been to before.  The other one is our favorite restaurant on the island, but we decided to try the other one just for comparison.  It was just as good.  I must say, the chefs do an excellent job at preparing the menus at Kona Village.  For breakfast we filled our table with food and ate it all before we left and I headed back to the Waikoloa Beach Resort for a day of work.

In closing, I love Kona Village Resort, but I could not imagine staying there a week and being disconnected from the busy world most people have.  Most guests that it is their first time to the island I recommend them to stay there a night or two and then come to Kolea for the remainder of their stay.  You get the best of both worlds that way!

Weekend Trip to Oahu

March 30th, 2009

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the island of Oahu.  I have spent time there before, but never really took in what the island has to offer.  It is amazing how different and unique each Hawaiian Island is.

We spent most of the time around the Kahala area.  It was amazing has mountainous and green the terrain looked.  It did look just like what you see in the movies.  Then as we traveled into Waikiki we came over a hill and I thought for a second we were at Miami Beach.  All you saw were tall business buildings, condos, and hotels.  At that point, I was sure glad that the Big Island of Hawaii is not like that.

One thing that I loved about Oahu is that there are places to dine at a reasonable price all over the place.  On the Big Island of Hawaii you find more upscale and pricier restaurants.  We ate at Zippys (a couple of times), which offers local food and is known for its chili.  We made a trip to the north end of the island where we had world famous shaved ice from Matsumotos.  Their shaved ice has been featured in several travel magazines as well as shows.  On the way we got some malasadas (Hawaiian pastries) from Leonards Bakery.  They were the freshest malasadas I have ever had.  We ate our dinners at Chilis.  We do not have Chilis on the Big Island so that was a nice treat.

I looked at some of the Oahu real estate prices and I think if anyone was going to invest in real estate on the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island is the best place.  The prices seemed a lot higher on Oahu and I felt the quality on the Big Island of Hawaii was better.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Oahu, but I was really glad that I chose the Big Island of Hawaii to live and the Waikoloa Beach Resort to work.  You can not beat the peacefulness of the Big Island of Hawaii.