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Hawaii Vacation Rental Market Update- May 2012

July 19th, 2012

Following the trend for the year, May of 2012 was great for the State of Hawaii. Arrivals and visitor expenditures both grew in dramatic form as compared to the previous year. Average length of stay increased as did meetings, conventions, and incentives. Each major market area showed improvement as compared to 2011 as well.

Expenditures and arrivals both increased by 17.5% and 12.5% respectively, making this month the greatest May on record in history. Each major market area continued to show growth. Japan continues to increase their support along with the majority of the US markets. The Canadian market was steady from last year. Scheduled airline seats have continued to increase as well for each of the major islands over the past five months of 2012, increasing overall by 4.5%. The vacation rental industry showed an increase from the previous year and indicated stronger growth than that of the previous month, increasing by about 8% from 2011. The Canadian market, though steady with arrivals, chose to stay in condominium properties over that of hotels in dramatic form. With a 20.2% increase in accommodation selection from the previous year, Canada is certainly showing its support for the industry.

O’ahu has shown the largest growth of all of the islands in relation to visitor arrivals from the previous year, increasing by 15.1%. The Big Island showed an 8.9% increase in arrivals while Maui saw a 6.8% positive change. Though showing the fastest growth during the first three months of 2012, Kaua’i offered a 4.3% positive change compared to last May. These increases are attributed to additional mainland marketing and an active island branding campaign. The purpose of this approach is to match the various islands and the personalities of potential visitors, ensuring a great vacation and repeat visit. As Hawaii gains in popularity, arriving guests are also visiting different locations in an effort to experience the individuality of each of the Hawaiian Islands.

The current forward momentum will continue to get the State of Hawaii out of the shadow of recent years. With most of the influential markers looking positive, the State of Hawaii is proving yet again that it is a stronger destination as we move further into 2012 and beyond.

2011 Hawaii Vacation Rental Market Analysis

February 26th, 2012

2011 offered another positive year for the vacation rental industry in Hawaii.  WIth increases in both the overall tourism and the use of vacation rentals, the vacation rental industry saw the most growth of any of the accommodation types in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority reported a 3.5% growth in visitors to Hawaii from 2010 to 2011.  Of all the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island and Kauai had the largest increases, but Maui and Oahu still remain the two most popular islands to visit in Hawaii.

For accommodation types, vacation rentals had the largest growth.  This is two years in a row the vacation rental industry has had substantial growth in Hawaii.  Marketing as well as economic factors have played a large role.  The only accommodations that saw a dip in use were timeshares.

Along with visitors bring up, their average spending and length of stay grew.  December 2011 was the best month on record for visitor spending in Hawaii.

Waikoloa Vacation Rentals’ statistics were consistent with the overall statistics for Hawaii.  We saw growth in occupancy, length of stay, and average nightly rate.  This is the second consecutive year we have had significant changes in those categories.

With preliminary reports showing January 2012 being significantly better than January 2011, it appears that the tourism industry in Hawaii is still on the rise.

Big Island Hawaii Wedding Information

September 6th, 2011

Beaches, sunsets, lei’s, waterfalls, the ocean breeze, and the aloha of Hawaii can make any wedding even more memorable. Whether there are three people or one hundred and three in the wedding party, the Big Island has everything to make it a total experience.

According to Frommers, a world-renowned travel resource, “Hawaii is a great place for a wedding. The islands exude romance and natural beauty and after the ceremony, you’re already on your honeymoon. The members of your wedding party will most likely be delighted since you’ve given them the perfect excuse for their own island vacation.”

When deciding where, when, and how to get married, many questions may arise. Over the years, Waikoloa Vacation Rentals has hosted several wedding parties at their vacation rental locations. Here are some things learned along the way that may be helpful.

One option available for wedding services here on the Big Island of Hawaii is the beautiful Hilton Waikoloa Village. The property offers full service wedding planning, catering, and a large assortment of ceremony and reception venues able to accommodate three to three hundred guests or more. These venues currently have pricing structures based on the time of day as well as the season.

The Hilton Waikoloa Village has four different venues for a ceremony. Each of these venues were specifically selected by the hotel to create a truly memorable experience based on view, size, and overall atmosphere. Some of the sites do have a specific number of guests they can accommodate, making them that much more intimate.

The Wedding Chapel is a smaller venue for up to eighteen guests while the Palace Garden and Grand Staircase can accommodate up to one hundred attendees.  Buddha Point is a very private venue, located at the north end of the property, along the coastline. With a fabulous view of the ocean and the surrounding area, it is the perfect location for up to forty guests. This can truly be a place for a spiritual event.

After the ceremony, the property has five different locations available for the reception. Based on the size of the party, the decision may be difficult, as each venue is very different from the next offering an exciting location for any group. These venues have rental fees; however, they can be waived with an established food and beverage minimum.

Donatoni’s, The Palm Terrace, and The Ocean View Terrace are great venues that can accommodate a wide variety of groups and their needs. The Lagoon Lanai can accommodate up to three hundred guests or, two hundred with a dance floor and head table. The backdrop is a lagoon, tiki torches, and the stars above. Should weather become an issue, a covered area just off the lanai is available for the festivities to continue. If a larger area is necessary, ballrooms are available for up to nine hundred guests. This venue is great for the groups looking for more square footage or protection from the weather.

The property does all of its catering in-house. Sample menus, preferred vendor lists for entertainment, photography, florists, spa options and more can be viewed below. If a wedding party has an outside vendor in mind such as a photographer or disc jockey, they may work the event. If they are not a preferred vendor with the hotel, there will be an additional charge for them to work on property. This allows them access to the grounds and the event.

The wedding department has some fantastic packages including everything necessary to create an unforgettable experience. An à la carte menu is also available with specialty items such as harpists, solo acoustic guitarists, and more.

Shuttle service is available between the property and your villa or condo using SpeediShuttle, a reliable transportation provider throughout the islands. SpeediShuttle is available for larger groups at 877-242-5777.

Another available avenue is a private wedding coordinator to help with the arrangements
. There are quite a few wedding planners on the island. These planners can offer a preferred vendor list for services such as catering, photography, makeup, entertainment, floral arrangements, etc. They can also assist with marriage certificates and public area permits. As these choices are extremely personal, viewing credible resources can be a valuable tool as well. Please contact Waikoloa Vacation Rentals for recommendations regarding these companies.

When contacting wedding planners, vendors, or anyone who may have an integral part in the event, there are a few extremely important things to consider and evaluate. Do they respond appropriately? What feeling do they evoke with their communication via email and telephone? Are they prompt? Do they offer confidence during the conversation? All of these criteria can help ensure the greatest of service and most positive overall experience.

Any of the wedding coordinators will have their preferred locations based on the needs of the client, size of the group and other various requests. Some of these locations can host the reception, ceremony or both. Wedding planners can assist with those decisions as well.

Some ceremony locations include Kukio (Hualalai) Beach, Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historic Park, Kikaua Point Beach Park, Saint Peter’s Church, Paradise Cove, and Secret Beach, just to name a few. Some of these venues do require permits if money is changing hands for goods or services rendered, especially if it is a public space. Any coordinator or authorized vendor can assist with these regulations.

Reception locations for a truly unique island experience are Anna’s Ranch, Parker Ranch, Kahua Ranch and the Sullivan Estate among many others. Some Big Island properties are equipped to host receptions too.

Some of the advantages to getting married on the Hawaiian Islands are the unique rehearsal dinner venues. Luaus are a great option as they are interactive and complete with food, beverage, atmosphere, and entertainment. Local restaurants such as Merriman’s Waimea, The CanoeHouse at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows, or any of the larger hotel properties can host such events as well.

In Hawaii, tradition and culture reign supreme and are part of daily life. Their place in weddings is no different. Some examples are both the lei presentation, a symbol of love, respect and spiritual connection and the blowing of the conch shell. This act symbolizes the desire of all men and women to use their breath of life, also known as ‘ha’. The shell is a form of communication with anyone whom can only be present in spirit.

As these examples are extremely important to the Hawaiian culture, they most certainly are a part of the Hawaiian wedding celebration. The inclusion of the lei is typically part of the ceremony but please ask if the blowing of the conch shell is of interest as well.

An extremely important decision necessary to complete the total Hawaiian wedding experience are the accommodations. Considerations in regards to amenities and group dynamics are necessary. Waikoloa Vacation Rentals has quite a few luxury vacation rental selections available. These vacation rentals range in size from two bedrooms with 1,020 square feet of space, to three bedrooms, three and a half baths with 2,147 square feet. There are additional floor plans and sizes in between. These options will ensure any wedding party remains comfortable and allows everyone to be close to each other while also having plenty of space to relax. With amenities such as expansive lanais, additional outdoor kitchens, Anaeho’omalu Bay and both the Kings’ and Queens’ Shops within walking distance, there are plenty of activities and options for everyone.

Feel free to contact Waikoloa Vacation Rentals at (808) 987-4519 if you have any questions regarding accommodations or planning a wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Additional Hawaii wedding information
For marriage license inquiries, visit
Information regarding public area permits is available at

Vacation Rental Market Update

August 25th, 2011

Over the past five years, there has been fluctuation within the leisure travel industry. One thing has become evident; the vacation rental industry popularity is on the rise.

As seen below, 2010 marked a change for the industry as more people are looking to vacation. In early 2010 a national level campaign was started promoting vacation rentals helping the vacation rental industry to see a larger increase in guests than the hotel industry. Though the statistics for 2011 for vacation rentals are not yet published nationally, some trends were sited recently in a survey completed by TripAdvisor, an authoritative company within the travel industry. Of 1,400 travelers who took part in this survey, 40% of the respondents said they would be staying in a vacation rental during 2011. Much of this was attributed to more space, full kitchens and a better overall value than a hotel.

As it stands right now, both the continental United States and the Hawaiian Islands are seeing positive results with the number of arrivals still gaining momentum over the past few years. Though tourism is still below that of 2005, the outlook does look promising.

According to data obtained from the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the Hawaii travel industry and the vacation rental market are on faster tracks for recovery than that of the United States travel and vacation rental industries. Below it can be seen that arrivals have been on the rise since 2009 within the state of Hawaii; however, the hotel industry is not experiencing the same growth as the vacation rental industry.

As Waikoloa Vacation Rentals moves further into the 2nd half of 2011, August offered very promising statistics and reservations are continually coming in for the fall. The outlook for both the vacation rental market and Waikoloa Vacation Rentals looks positive. Superior guest service, cutting edge marketing and an overall emphasis on guest experience will continue to push Waikoloa Vacation rentals forward further into 2011 and beyond.

Is Hawaii Worth the Effort and Expense?

June 17th, 2011

There are many places to travel and sometimes, perhaps staying closer to home is the best plan of action. Everyone in Hawaii realizes how far away they are from the rest of the United States or other international destinations. It is actually something the state and the people take great pride in. It is the furthest landmass from any other land mass on earth. That can mean two things. The first, it can be inconvenient to visit. The second, there is something worth seeing.

Simply put, Hawaii is special. The Culture for one; is like nothing else that can be experienced anywhere else. It’s so strong and so alive. When in Hawaii or on an island, there is no doubt this is someplace very different and extremely special.
Why would someone travel here? Is it the Weather or the Ocean? Could it be the Aloha? This Aloha can only be described as one big hug that lasts the duration of a vacation.
Creating Special Moments with family and friends is something that can happen on a daily basis, producing memories for a lifetime.

Helicopter tours overlooking waterfalls, sunset boat rides, swimming with the dolphins and hiking into the creator are not only possible, but recommended to enhance the overall experience.

Even if there is time for one or two excursions during the course of a vacation; the memory will last for many years to come.
The Aina, or land and it’s offerings of amazing food and foliage. From night blooming jasmine to coconut trees; visitors are surrounded by beautiful breathtaking views and smells that will not soon be forgotten.

It is recommended to try the islands hand crafted lili’koi butter or some of the local favorites found no where else such as Pork Lau Lau served with Poi to enhance the flavor.
Come experience the richness the islands with loved ones and family. Please visit and see
what everyone on the island lives on a daily basis.

Vocabulary will change with phrases such as Hawaii no ka oi (Hawaii is the best), Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much) or Mahalo nui loa na ho’olaule’a me la kaua (Thank you for celebrating with us).

Each one of them has two main characteristics’ happiness and positivity. All of which can be heard right here on Hawaii.

Get the Most Out of a Hawaiian Vacation on a Budget

June 13th, 2011

With Hawaii being the most expensive vacation destination in the United States, many people find it hard to find the means to travel to Hawaii in the current economy discover here. Here are some helpful tips to make your Hawaii vacation more feasible.

First, by staying a vacation rental rather than a hotel you can save money on the accommodation cost as well as food costs. At the beginning of any guests’ arrival, perhaps just off the plane; it is recommended to go directly to Costco depending on the time of day everyone lands. For a family or four all three meals can be prepared in the vacation rental for an average of $120/day. The average cost for a family of four to dine at a hotel in Hawaii is just over $234/day.

Second, finding a great happy hour in the area can also be a good option. Pupus (appetizers) and alcohol prices typically drop 25-50% for that short period of time. Some restaurants also offer an “early bird” menu which features a variety their most popular entrees at discount prices.

The money saved can pay for surf or stand up paddling lessons. Helicopter or zipline tours are sure to create and maintain some smiles. This could really bring about some amazing family moments. There is nothing like flying through the air to create a stronger bond within the family.

At the end of the day, the greatest things about Hawaii are free; it just comes down to everything else needed to enjoy those times.

Waikoloa Vacation Rentals offers some of the finest vacation rentals on the Big Island of Hawaii and can surely find something to fit any vacationer’s budget. Their private concierge service can help to find some of these restaurants that offer great specials or to do some pre-arrival grocery shopping.

August 2010 Vacation Rental Data Released

September 16th, 2010

August was one of the busiest non-winter months Waikoloa Vacation Rentals has experienced since being in the vacation rental business. Talking with other professionals involved in lodging on the island, they also enjoyed more success than preceding months.  Many speculated that we may be in “recovery” mode.  With the recent release of vacation rental statistics it proved the exact opposite on a national level.

During August 2010, arrivals and revenues for the vacation rental industry fell 15% from August 2009.  August caused the vacation rental industry to fall 3% behind 2009 in terms of arrivals.  With over half of the year gone and the bulk of the traveling months passed, it is tough to tell if the vacation rental industry will have a better year in 2010 than 2009.

On a positive note, Hawaii fared the best out of all the states. The rental rates, arrivals, and length of stay were all up, generating a 19% increase in revenue.  Considering that the states that fared the worst were the ones affected by the oil spill, many speculate that Hawaii did so well due to it being a viable alternative for those states.  Looking at flight rates, which are also a large factor in contributing to Hawaii tourism, they were very similar to 2009 so that is not the cause of the increase in tourism.

Although we are extremely happy that August was a great month in Hawaii for the vacation rental industry, looking at the national figures it still appears that the vacation rental industry is far from recovery.

First Half of 2010 Looks Good For Hawaii Vacation Rentals

July 16th, 2010

The vacation rental statistics have been released for the first half of 2010.  While many people felt that tourism was doing better throughout the US in 2010 versus 2009, the statistics show the two years to be just about even.  Hawaii was one of the few states that shows a large increase in occupancy in 2010 versus 2009.  Hawaii enjoyed an increase of 24% in the number of nights reserved in the first half of 2010 versus 2009.  There are a couple speculated reasons for this.

The first speculation is that many annual Florida vacationers chose to go to Hawaii due to the recent oil spill.  Florida had a decrease in 3% in the number of nights reserved.  A neighboring state, Alabama had a 15% decrease, which was one one of the largest.

The second speculation is that there were several large scale conferences held throughout the islands in the first quarter, which brought in a large number of people.  Due to the economy in 2009, there were several large companies that canceled conferences in Hawaii that typically have conferences every year.  A lot of hotels offered unprecedented deals on wedding packages bringing in groups to the resort areas.

The first quarter of 2010 started off strong and has steadily decreased throughout the US.  This decrease will more than likely carry into the second half of 2010.  From what is currently reserved Hawaii looks as though it will have a strong half of 2010 as opposed to 2009 plavix 75 mg.

Hawaii Struggles to Enforce Legislation Regarding Vacation Rentals

March 24th, 2010

The vacation rental industry is a large part of the Hawaii economy.  Not only does it play a large role in tourism, but it also is a large contibutor to state taxes due to the transient accommodations tax.  Just recently with the struggles of the economy the state and counties have had a hard time enforcing policies that have been set to regulate the industry.

The first issue is non conforming use of homes.  This is when the homeowners attempt to rent their properties out as vacation rentals when the land use ordinance does not allow for that property to be a vacation rental.  In these instances the fines can range from $50-$1000/day.  Many homeowners can reach $100,000 in fines quickly.  Typically if the county brings the issue to the homeowners attention and it is dealt with in a timely manner the fine will be drastically reduced up to 75%.  If it is not dealt with in a timely manner then the county can enforce the maximum penalty since this non conforming use falls in the category of the homeowner doing it solely for financial gain.

The second issue is homeowners attempting to rent their properties out on their own and not being fully aware of the taxes for vacation rentals.  For vacation rentals not only do you have the general excise tax, but you also have the transient accommodations tax of over 8%.  This tax was raised by 1% in 2009 and will be raised another percent in 2010.  There are a substantial amount of owners that do not pay this tax.  Another fair amount of owners were unaware of the tax increases and did not charge the guests accordingly and did not pay the state the correct amount.  Failing to pay the correct taxes for a vacation rental is fraud and homeowners can potentially be imprisioned.

Where the battle of legislation comes into play is that the counties would like to see the tax records from the state to see who is paying transient accommodations taxes.  The counties are confident that most people do pay at least a portion of the transient accommodations taxes to avoid legal issues.  If the counties could gain access to this information then they could compare the data to the land use ordinances to see who is renting their home out as a vacation rental in an area where this is not allowed.  The state of Hawaii tax department can not share the information with the counties due to legislation.   The two have battled for over a year now and no agreement has been met.

As the economy continues to struggle the state of Hawaii is bound to see this as a greater issue in the future.  Many second homeowners are doing what they feel they need to do to keep possession of their home and not lose it to foreclosure.  Hopefully in the near future the counties and state can reach an agreement to help policies be enforced.

Enjoy Some of the fine Big Island of Hawaii Beaches While Staying at Waikoloa Beach Resort

February 21st, 2010

The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the most diverse places on the earth.  Given this, there are a variety of unique beaches on the island that offer something for everyone.  From green sand beaches to fun filled state parks, the Big Island has it all.

Green Sand Beach at South Point

The Green Sand Beach is located at the very south end of the Big Island. It is in a very remote location but worth the effort to see. To reach the beach, go down the South Point Road. Follow the road to the left and go to the boat ramp. If the soil is dry and you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you can drive farther. However, we recommend you park near the ramp and walk the mile to the beach. You will have to descend the remains of a collapsed cinder cone to the beach. This is steep and somewhat precarious. The beach is the result of the front half of a cinder cone collapsing into the ocean, leaving a sandy beach.  There are no public facilities in this area.
Click here to view directions from Waikoloa Beach Resort to the Green Sand Beach.

A’Bay at Waikoloa Beach Resort
A’Bay is the only sandy beach in the Waikoloa Beach Resort, which is one of the top vacation destinations for families.  This crescent moon shaped beach spans over  a mile in length and sits just in front of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott and Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort giving these guests easy access.  The Queens Shops are also a short walk away if you decide to take a break for lunch.  Given that this beach sits on a bay, it is great for children and there is very little surf.  Ocean Sports has a shack on the beach making beach toys, snorkel gear, and water sport equipment readily available.  A’Bay is a five star beach for families with small children.

Black Sand Beach at Pololu Valley
Pololu Valley is one of the most beautiful places on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Located at the bottom of the valley is a beautiful black sand beach, which offers a setting for amazing photographs and tranquility.  Pololu Valley is a hikers dream.  It is about a 30 minute hike down into the valley, which great aerial photographs available along the way.  Once you reach the bottom of the trail you will find a beautiful beach along with a lot more landscape to hike.  The water at Pololu Vally is typically very rough so you will want to be very cautious if you enter.  The Black Sand Beach at Pololu Valley is an excellent beach for photographs and for the adventurous person.

View Directions to Pololu Valley From Waikoloa Beach Resort

Hapuna Beach State Park
Hapuna Beach is the most well known beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Hapuna Beach features is one of the largest white sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The waters are also very friendly for families, with the exception of the winter months where you can find very rough surf.  There are picnic tables, bar b que pits, as well as showers for use while spending the day there.  Hapuna Beach State Park is a great beach for anyone.

View Directions to Hapuna Beach State Part From Waikoloa Beach Resort

Mauna Lani Bay
The beach at Mauna Lani Bay is a snorkelers dream.  Mauna Lani Bay offers calm waters with a white sand beach just in front of the Mauna Lani Bay hotel.  The Mauna Lani Bay hotel has a program where they raise sea turtles and then release them when they are ready.  This happens on July 4, Turtle Independence Day.  Due to this many sea turtles call the Mauna Lani Bay “home”.  While spending a day at Mauna Lani Bay you are sure to see turtles swimming in the waters as well as resting on the beach.  Mauna Lani Bay is great for families and snorkelers.

View Directions to Mauna Lani Bay From Waikoloa Beach Resort